Zef Malik and Bridging the Gap: How Testing Adds Value in the Supply Chain

Bridging the Gap between Manufacturer and Customer

In Episode 4 of Behind the Screen podcast, Zef describes how the manufacturer’s goal is to build and design quality into their product, while the customer may have more demanding specs and tests to meet for military verification. As a value-add distributor, Spirit supports a dynamic supply chain between the manufacturer and our customer. Our role as a distributor in product screening is to bridge that gap between manufacturer and customer. But it’s not just making sure that the tests are run to the standard. Zef and Marti discuss how adding value includes the relationship and process knowledge we share with the manufacturer and understanding the performance needs of the customer. Zef explains the value in delivering a customer all the product verification controls they’re looking for with a big-picture understanding of inventory management, time and cost savings, and predictability. Marti wraps up the chat by explaining that this global view and Spirit’s ownership of product warranty is what we call “Owning the Qual.

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High Frequency 10 GHz ultra-low noise OCVCSO


Rakon has released its highest frequency oscillator: the LNO10000B3. The Oven Controlled Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillator (OCVCSO) generates a frequency output signal at 10 GHz. It is designed for X-band systems where superior phase noise performance and high frequency are essential.

The LNO10000B3 offers a microwave frequency output with ultra-low phase noise, making it an ideal solution for ground based military equipment, radar and instrumentation applications. The OCVCSO is also a great choice for the latest generation of high speed ADC/DAC where a high frequency clock with ultra-low jitter is essential.

The LNO10000 B3 is available in a 120.7 x 76.2x 23.3 mm package size. Standard frequencies such as 3.2, 4.8, and 5 GHz are also available within the LNO B3 product family. Custom frequencies up to 12 GHz are available upon request.