Spirit Announces In-House Board Assembly Services

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Like chips falling into place on a printed circuit board, Spirit’s new contract manufacturing services have arrived in our growing list of full turnkey solutions.

We now offer in-house board assembly. Customers can order a bill of materials through Spirit’s authorized OEMs. We inspect and screen your parts. Then we pick and place the parts on the board, perform system-level testing on the finished board, and the board arrives at your dock fully traceable and qualified.

Spirit can manage boards from 50 mm x 50 mm up to 810 mm x 480 mm. Our top-of-the-line equipment can pick and place parts ranging from ultra-small chips to the largest FPGAs.

Our in-house line is capable of surface mount, through-hole and mixed technology assemblies, able to trace a part all the way down to the reference designator on the board.

Assembly services can be custom tailored to your board. Spirit’s screening of both parts and fully assembled systems lets you manage high-reliability requirements and performance. Our account representatives can provide support and data throughout the process to give you visibility into your production schedule and results.

EPC Introduces New eGaN FETs Reducing Size and Boosting Efficiency

EPC new GaN FET EPC2065 EPC2054 post

EPC announced two new offerings in their eGaN FET product line with the EPC2065 and EPC2054. Both offer reductions in size and ultra-high efficiency.

The EPC2065 is ideal for small robotic applications, such as drones, in BLDC motor drives. With 80 V, 3.6 mΩ, 221 Apulsed, the EPC2065 provides less noise and less EMI.

The even smaller EPC2054 can be used in wireless power transfer and automation, as well as lidar and solar. It comes in a 1.69 mm2 package with 200 V, 3.6 mΩ, and 32 Apulsed.

Both devices perform at high frequency and can be used in DC-DC converters and synchronous rectification.

In their 2021 Phase 12 Reliability Report, EPC affirmed GaN’s high reliability. The new GaN FETs join the family of devices paving the way for increasingly efficient, reliable, and powerful tech development.

Spirit Podcast Ep 7 Alex Lidow EPC GaN Reliability

Ep. 7: How to Test to Failure for 100x Performance

How will EPC keep improving on their GaN technology? Listen to Marti McCurdy and EPC's Alex Lidow discuss the benefits of testing to failure in this episode of Spirit's podcast Behind the Screen.

TI’s New ADC3660 Family Offers Speed, Efficiency and Control in Data Gathering

TI SAR ADCs available at Spirit Electronics

TI introduced its new ADC3660 family of successive-approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). The eight new ADCs offer higher speeds and reduced power usage, leading the industry in speed with the fastest 18-bit ADC.

These new ADCs range from 10 to 125 MSPS. Sampling speeds include 14-, 16- and 18-bit resolutions. The product features ultra-low latency, up to 80% lower than competitive ADCs, and reduction of up to 65% in power consumption. The ADCs come in 5-mm-by-5mm thin quad flat no-lead (WQFN) packaging.

TI’s ADC3660 solutions support high-speed data gathering and offer real-time control in industrial applications such as portable defense radios, sonar imaging, and GPS. Improvements in latency allow precision data monitoring and quick response to voltage and current spikes.