Spirit Electronics and our Team Spirit supply chain partners offer proven expertise and experience in reliability and qualification screening, led by our engineering team with more than three decades of qualification experience. Leveraging these strengths, Spirit provides screened components that meet your most stringent standards for reliability. Procuring screened parts from Spirit ensures custody and control of the supply chain through our dual channel of part procurement and value add screening, thus delivering a complete part number to the Source Control Drawing Specification.  This dual channel approach provides our customers with the unique combination of qualification workflow, third-party documentation and certifications all from one approved source,  Spirit Electronics.


  • Screening of FPGA, CPLD, PLD
  • 2000+ pin counts
  • 35 GHz test speeds with optional 60 GHz configurations
  • Extended temperature tests from -55ºC to +200ºC
  • Test program development per customer application requirements
  • DATA SHEET characterization
  • Anti-tamper verification
  • Comprehensive Construction Analysis
  • MIL-STD-1580 Destructive Physical Analysis