End-of-Life Component Management

Spirit Electronics is an accredited source and approved supplier for the Aerospace and Military component manufacturers. We provide a dedicated source of supply to meet product requirements of our customers when faced with a Last Time Buy or End-of-Life product. Spirit’s staff has insight to identify the EOL devices before they impact a critical demand in the supply chain. Our design, manufacturing and production of high-reliability products, provide a long term solution for our customers to relieve them of system re-qualification. 

Our EOL program offers after market support for obsolete, end-of-life products with diminishing technologies and DMSMS products. Spirit’s EOL program coupled with proactive planning offers long-term continuity of supply for critical semiconductor components.  

  • Product Longevity
  • Parts Management/ Bill of Materials Management
  • Wafer and Die Banking
  • ASIC designed drop-in replacement parts
  • Inventory Management
  • Nitrogen  and Insured Storage: Wafer, Die and finished goods
  • Box stock and stock rotation management
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Last Call!

Special opportunities for EOL and obsolete components. Limited quantities available.


MT53B128M32D1DS-062 AAT:A

Description:  DRAM LPDDR4 4G 128Mx32 FBGA

Status: Obsolete

MT40A512M16JY-083E AIT:B

Description:  SDRAM – DDR4 8Gb 512Mx16 FBGA

Status:  Obsolete


Xilinx - Virtex-II Pro FPGA Product Family

 Xilinx® is discontinuing all Virtex-II Pro FPGA products due to supplier line discontinuance. 

Xilinx’s fab manufacturer will be discontinuing the wafer fabrication process line for 0.13μm (Virtex-II Pro FPGA Product family). This product discontinuance notice applies to all speed and temperature-grade variants (XC and XQ part numbers) of Virtex-II Pro FPGA product family. 

  • LTB is 7/31/2020
  • LTS is 1/31/2021
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