Component Updates

Hi Performance Oscillators

Marti and Ben discuss issues related to testing hi spec oscillators in real world applications

Rakon Part II

Marti and Ben discuss issues faced when designing oscillators for GPS positioning applications

EPC - The Power of GaN

Spirit's Marti McCurdy and EPC's CEO Alex Lidow discuss the performance and cost benefits of gallium nitride over silicon.

Rakon - Part I

Marti McCurdy chats with Ben Reardon in a 4-part series highlighting Rakon's product range with emphasis on aerospace applications
Characterization Of Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Devices

Characterization of Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Devices

by Fei Wang; Zheyu Zhang; Edward A. Jones

Based on the authors' years of extensive experience, this is an authoritative overview of Wide Bandgap (WBG) device characterization. It provides essential tools to assist researchers, advanced students and practicing engineers in performing both static and dynamic characterization of WBG devices, particularly those based on using silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) power semiconductors. The book presents practical considerations for real applications, and includes examples of applying the described methodology.

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Wireless Power Handbook 2

Wireless Power Handbook

by Michael A. de Rooij

This second edition handbook comes less than a year following the release of the first edition – this is the pace at which the understanding and application of wireless power transfer is moving. “Cut the cord” is the battle cry – and now that we know it can be done, what’s holding us back, let’s pick up speed and get on with it!

The scope of this second edition has expanded to include the latest work on AirFuel Alliance class 2 and class 3 transmitters, adaptive tuning, radiated EMI, multi-mode wireless power systems, and control strategies. There are also systems demonstrated using the latest in eGaN FETs and integrated circuits that set new efficiency benchmarks as well as reduce system costs.

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Dc Dc Converter Handbook

DC-DC Converter Handbook

by David Reusch & John Glaser

A Supplement to GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion

Demand for information is growing at unprecedented rates and society’s insatiable appetite for communication, computing and downloading, is putting ever-increasing demands for improved efficiencies and performance on data centers.

Our first challenge – how will power conversion systems continue to improve in order to keep pace with the rapid improvements in computing power and the need for efficient data centers…

The second focus – to create power conversion solutions using GaN devices and making performance comparisons with silicon power transistors traditionally used in power conversion systems…

And, finally – to propose, create, and test a new power delivery architecture taking advantage of the superior performance attributes of GaN.

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Gan Transistors Efficient Power Conversion Second Edition

GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion

by Alex Lidow, Johan Strydom, Michael de Rooij, David Reusch

This textbook provides power system design engineers basic technical and application-focused information on how to design more efficient power conversion systems using gallium nitride-based transistors.

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AVX Releases First 175°C Rated MLV Transient Voltage Suppressor

Ideal for High Temperature Automotive, Industrial & Consumer applications requiring circuit protection in a small footprint

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Space-saving Rectifiers Improve Efficiency

Increase Power Density and Improve Efficiency

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1 MBd High Speed Optocouplers with Schmitt-Trigger Functionality

Single-Channel Devices Optimized for Galvanic Noise Isolation and Breaking Up Ground Loops in Digital Applications

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AVX's new λ-Bridge Thermal Conductor

New devices constructed with Aluminum Nitride or Beryllium Oxide, in standard EIA form factors.

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AVX Introduces New RC Equalizer Product

Reliable, tight-tolerance performance in a wide range of cross-market, small-form-factor electronics

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