Ultrasonic Specialists in Smarter Solutions for Your Complex Asset Integrity Challenges

With an unparalleled depth of experience and expertise in the highly specialized fields of ultrasonic and remote visual technologies, the Sensor Networks team brings together the very best minds in the business to deliver smarter solutions with a refreshingly personalized approach for the world’s critical asset management applications. Developing breakthrough innovations that transform and integrate the definitions of cost-effective, precision and ease-of-use, Sensor Networks addresses unique industrial challenges including: remote non-intrusive corrosion monitoring of plant piping, vessels and other components in refineries as well as experience-based UT applications engineering, standard and customized transducers and remote visual tooling for demanding in-situ test and inspection applications in aerospace and power generation.

Sensor Networks uses industry-preferred design and simulation tools to create an optimized mechanical, electrical and ultrasonic model of the inspection task, including its scan plan.

In-house capabilities deliver rapid, turn-key prototyping of transducer and test solutions. Personnel training, qualification and certification (TQ&C) processes are compliant with ASNT’s TC1A procedures (effective 1Q17). Level II- and III-certified technicians and engineers are ready to help you develop the tools, procedures and technician training for demanding UT applications.

Sensor Networks ultrasonic and remote visual technologies

SNI Solutions

  • SolidWorks: Parametric 3D CAD and Mechanical Properties Modeling
  • AutoCad: 2D CAD and Ray-tracing
  • CIVA: Acoustic Beam Modeling and Delay Law Calculation for Conventional and Phased Arrays
  • PiezoCad: Transducer Construction & Performance Modeling
  • Field II: Transducer Construction & Performance Modeling
  • UltraVision 3D: NDT data imaging and analysis software for Conventional and Phased Arrays
  • ES Beam Tool: Ultrasonic Inspection Plan Design and Validation Software

Product News

micro PIMS
MicroPIMS – a New Approach to Wireless Corrosion/Erosion Monitoring
Sensor Networks’ microPIMS® is a fully wireless, non-intrusive, ultrasonic corrosion/erosion monitoring system. Powered by battery, it operates using long range (>1 mile/1.6Km) sub Gigi-Hertz wireless connectivity. Each microPIMS sensor is
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