Transcend carries over 2000 products, including all types of memory modules, flash memory cards, USB flash drives, digital music players, card readers, external hard drives, solid state drives and industrial-grade products, to satisfy virtually every possible memory-related requirement. In addition to fulfilling system-specific needs, we create trends by developing daring new peripherals that accommodate modern high-tech lifestyles. When it comes to organizing your digital life, Transcend has it all.

Transcend offers a comprehensive range of high-quality, reliable memory solutions for use in the Medical, Aerospace, Defense, Transportation, Gaming, and Communications sectors. Our memory products for embedded devices include M.2 SSDs, mSATA SSDs, mSATA Mini SSDs, half-slim SSDs, e.MMC memory, CF cards, and SO-DIMM and VLP DIMM memory modules.

With a track record of outstanding performance and durability, Transcend’s memory solutions are widely used to address strict size limitations of small form factor embedded devices such as Computer on Modules (COMs), System on Modules (SOMs), industrial tablets, industrial PCs, vehicular PCs, road surveillance recording systems, industrial control systems, medical equipment, and POS terminals.

Product Highlights

  • Ruggedized Flash and DRAM memory
  • 2.5″ SATA SSD
  • 2.5″ PATA SSD
  • DRAM Modules
  • MicroSD Cards
  • SD & CompactFlash Cards
  • Flash Solutions

Product News

Transcend memory products
Transcend PCle SSD
Transcend DDR4
DDR4-2400 SO-DIMM Industrial-grade Memory Modules
Built of high-quality DDR4 chips and extra-durable components, Transcend’s Industrial Grade DDR4-2400 SO-DIMM is an ideal choice for space-constrained applications that require rugged durability and flawless stable operation even in
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Transcend’s memory products, including their high-endurance 3D TLC SSD450K-V, are very competitive in terms of price and endurance compared to MLC.