AVX Introduces New RC Equalizer Product

AVX Corporation has just introduced a new series of surface mount RC equalizer networks, dubbed the GEQ Series. These high quality components are designed using a proprietary Glass Sandwich Flexiterm® Technology that provides improved flexure during installation.


GEQ Series products are rated for a wide range of operating temperatures (-55ºC to +125ºC) and are compliant with RoHS. They address a broad range of markets, including optoelectronics, telecommunications, broadband, military, electronic warfare, space, test, and instrumentation. Typical applications include optical transceiver modules, broadband receivers, and transmission and receiver optical subassemblies (TOSA and ROSA).

"Our new, ultraminiature GEQ Series equalizers deliver reliable, tight-tolerance performance in a wide range of cross-market, small-form-factor electronics," said Larry Eisenberger, principal technical marketing engineer at AVX.

Marti McCurdy, Spirit Electronics CEO, noted that “as a proud distributor of AVX products, we are thrilled with their commitment to innovation and the rapid pace of new product introductions”.

GEQ Series RC equalizers are packaged on tape and reel, and lead-time for the series is currently 14 weeks.

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