Supply Chain Issues Presenting Challenges

Lead Times Extend To 2020 and Beyond

The Aerospace and Defense industries face a severe shortage of key discrete components - including chip capacitors, thick film resistors, thick film resistor arrays, tantalums, and others - as manufacturers struggle with surging demand. Lead times are stretching out to two (2) years and, in some cases, suppliers have put a hold new orders. 

Strategies for Managing Shortages

Spirit offers a number of potential solutions in a world of limited alternatives:

Mil-Spec Versions – in some cases there may be better availability for higher spec versions.

Cross to an alternative part – our team is ready to help you identify and source alternative parts.  

Screen commercial parts - we have the facilities and expertise to upscreen commerical parts to hi-rel specs

The Sprit Team is ready to help with solutions that include identifying and sourcing cross-compatible options, providing safety stock, and other customized options to secure your long-term supply chain.

You can review a list of components here that are most impacted by shortages and long lead times. Since this is a fluid situation, we will update it as new information becomes available.