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Ep. 36: Laser Marking for Microelectronic Traceability: What Can We Mark and Why

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In this podcast, Spirit Electronics CEO Marti McCurdy talks with aerospace and defense experts about high-reliability components and industry-rocking topics affecting the supply chain.

This week Spirit’s Lab Technician Corbin Pearson joins Marti to talk about our Epliog fiber laser machine.

The lab and warehouse have marked everything from name badges to phone cases, but real magic of fiber laser marking is in the ability to serialize and physically trace microelectronics and semiconductors through our value-added test programs.

Rather than relying on documentation and data, a physical serial part number, marking or logo lets us tie the physical component back to test data.

Corbin explains that the laser marker can be programmed for depth of the marking as well as placement and automated serialization for multiple parts in a lot or tray.

Corbin touches on some of the other lab testing he conducts such as solderability, HAST, and programming Spirit’s robotic arm for our automated BGA reballing process. Laser marking is a quick and easy internal process we can add to any value-add program to make products more traceable for our end customer.