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Laser Marking

Trace Your Product

Laser marking offers physical part traceability. ID your components with testing & modification programs, inventory, and assembly.

  • Product marking shows screening, testing or processing your part received
  • Add unique identifiers, markings or serialization to track each component
  • ID or serialize your assembled circuit board

Don’t rely only on documents to track your product. Laser marking can ID all testing, screening and processing completed on your component.

Spirit’s Epilog FusionEdge Laser Marker uses a fiber laser for precision and depth control.

Fiber lasers direct the bean down a fiber optic cable with superior precision and lower heat than other types of laser, such as CO2.

Fiber laser offers a clean and high-resolution mark on metal or plastic surfaces. Automated machining controls the laser’s depth, protecting the external package and internal circuits.

Depth Control

Mark a range of package types. Depth control lets you make fine, shallow markings to preserve ultra-thin package surfaces and component integrity.

Digital Control

Digital controls on our Epliog FusionEdge allow for detailed imaging, alignment and programming.

IRIS™ Camera Positioning System guarantees precision placement of the marking on your component.

Examples of Marking Depth Range

Superior Marking Integrity

Laser-cut markings are a permanent mark on the component package. 

Other marking methods like ink or sticker labels are not permanent. Laser marking does not require additional testing like ink does with acetone and solvent resistance. Labels can be physically removed or can come off over time, especially in harsh environments. Over time, ink and labels may fade and become illegible to inspectors or machine scanners.

High-tech laser marking avoids counterfeit concerns common with labels and ink. Physical laser marking cannot easily be changed or removed.

Make Your Mark:

  • Customer part # or unique ID
  • Lot and date code tracking
  • Dash numbers or modification IDs
  • Serialization
  • Circuit board or assembly markings
  • Destruct samples, failures, rejects
  • Spirit’s or Customer’s logo for testing, modification or assembly program

Fast and Cost-Effective

Laser marking is a quick and low-cost step to add prior to shipping or to any test or assembly program. 

Spirit performs laser marking on-site in our warehouse under strict ESD and environmental controls. Parts can be laser marked in minutes and in bulk with our software programming.

Laser marking can be a stand-alone service, just like special packaging or inspections. Or add laser marking as an extra step in your test, reball or assembly program.

Complimentary Value-Add Services

Laser marking can be performed with:

Spirit: Behind the Screen podcast

Podcast Ep. 36: Laser Marking for Microelectronic Traceability: What We Can Mark and Why

In this episode of our Behind the Screen podcast, Spirit’s Lab Technician Corbin Pearson joins Marti McCurdy to talk about our Epliog fiber laser machine. Corbin explains that the laser marker can be programmed for depth of the marking as well as placement and automated serialization for multiple parts in a lot or tray.