Still searching for those missing components?

Replace passive components with a custom integrated circuit and reduce cost, space, time and components.

Many circuits using passive components on a printed circuit board can be integrated directly into an IC.

Ultrasonic sensor case study
  • Resistors and capacitors are commonly used inside an IC.
  • The values of capacitance are limited in size due to total area, typically C < 30pf.
  • Resistors range in value from 10 ohms to 10M ohms.
  • The number of power supply decoupling capacitors can be reduced by reducing the number of ICs in the system.
  • Other circuits can be integrated using switched capacitors to emulate resistors.
  • 4x reduction in cost
  • 200x reduction in size
  • 5 Month Project (start to Mass Production)
  • Also available: Radiation Hardened Array for mixed signal/analog integration