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Supply Chain Solutions for Aerospace & Defense

Featured Product

TI’s Space EP product families increase power efficiency and save board space for new space missions

TI’s Space EP portfolio is the industry’s largest plastic, radiation-tolerant power management and signal-chain portfolio, with devices specifically designed for smaller, high-volume LEO satellite applications. Space EP devices can help save as much as 50% board space compared to traditional ceramic packages, and deliver high-performance power supplies with rail-to-rail input/output operation. The TPS7H5005-SEP family of pulse-width modulation (PWM) controllers are the newest products in TI’s Space EP portfolio, and support multiple power-supply topologies and field-effect transistor (FET) architectures. TPS7H5005-SEP PWM controllers minimize power loss through synchronous rectification, enabling at least 5% higher power efficiency compared to equivalent devices.

Spirit Electronics is an award-winning semiconductor and electronics distribution, test and manufacturing service provider with more than 43 years’ experience in supporting aerospace and defense companies nationwide.
full turnkey electronics for aerospace and defense

Full Turnkey Services

One P.O., one supplier. Simplify your supply chain.

Authorized Distribution

Our extensive line card is formulated to be synergistic. 

ASIC design

ASIC Design & Development

Own your IP with an ASIC component from design to application.

Radiation and environmental testing for semiconductors

Environmental & Reliability Testing

We perform wafer, electrical and environmental testing.

Circuit Board Assembly

We provide highly accurate and versatile board assembly.

Value-Added Services

We'll take your product from BOM to build, all under one roof.

GOMACTech 2023 - Booth #307

The GOMACTech conference was established primarily to review developments in microcircuit applications for government systems. The conference has focused on advances in systems being developed by the Department of Defense and other government agencies and has been used to announce major government microelectronics initiatives such as VHSIC and MIMIC, and provides a forum for government reviews.

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