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Spirit Electronics is a proud member of the 

F-35 Lightning II Program

The F-35 is the very best technology that we can offer our military to ensure they are equipped to support our national defense.

The F-35 is first and foremost the world’s most advanced fighter jet providing unmatched security to America and 13 allied nations. Its unique communication suite connects air, ground, and sea data networks supporting and protecting our troops wherever they are in the fight. With advanced stealth technology, it is uniquely equipped to evade and attack the enemy. Our enemies are working tirelessly to catch up with their own fighters and new surface-to-air missile systems, so it is essential we throttle-up our production of America’s only 5th generation fighter to ensure air superiority wherever the fight takes us.

The F-35 Lightning II, the nation’s only 5th-generation fighter, has created and actively sustains hundreds of thousands of jobs like ours. The F-35 supply chain in the United States represents more than 1,800 companies—including more than 1,000 small business suppliers—supporting more than 254,000 jobs in 45 states and Puerto Rico.

For the F-35, Spirit works with the field programmatic gate array system that is at the heart of the aircraft’s avionics. That work requires the effort of 17 employees and accounts for 42 percent of Spirit’s total revenue.

F-35 Superiority

F-35 superiority
The F-35 is the world’s most sophisticated fighter jet and is uniquely capable of winning in today’s battlefields against our enemies who are developing their own 5th generation fighters and advanced weapons systems.

The F-35 is a force multiplier with state-of-the-art sensors and communication tools supporting networks in the air, on land or at sea sharing information in a constantly changing battlespace. It is successfully replacing an aging fourth-generation fleet that simply cannot fight and survive today’s combat. The F-35 brings superior agility, greater firepower, and cutting-edge stealth technology to the fight. Our enemies abroad are pushing their own technology and our brave fighting men and women should not have to depend on a 20th century weapon in the 21st century.

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