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Supplier-Managed Inventory

Efficient Supply, Full Pipeline

Supplier-Managed Inventory (SMI) programs are the most efficient way to deliver product ready to use to meet your program demand.

Spirit can tailor an SMI program to manage your unique supply chain needs while reducing cost, avoiding allocation issues, and streamlining delivery.

  • Award-winning SMI Programming
  • 19 years experience with SMI for prime OEMs
  • Reduced cost, monitoring, logistics for Customers
  • Allocation challenges managed for you
  • Pipeline filled months in advance to meet MRP
  • Customizable workflow tailored to your program
  • Robust ERP system for real-time reporting
  • Warehousing, packaging, XRF inspection, testing & board assembly on-site

MRP Managed for You

Spirit works closely with you to understand your MRP and planning. We manage your supply chain from there to fill your pipeline with the exact components, services, and quality delivery you need to keep your production line up and running.

SMI allows us to manage minimum/multiple quantity restrictions from suppliers so you only receive the quantity you need and avoid overstock. We even offer on-site consignment warehousing so our customers only consume the product they need for production.

Real-Time Supply Chain Reporting

Our robust ERP system manages procurement and tracks your components months in advance. We manage allocation and backlog to make sure your parts are on your shelf when you need them. 

Spirit’s reporting and analysis gives you supply chain visibility and monitoring to identify logistical concerns early. We purchase and stock your inventory in advance of your needed date. And if orders are delayed? Spirit steps in to manage changes and keep you informed.

Inspection, Testing, & Packaging In-House

We receive your product and perform quality inspections, offering extended XRF analysis, up-screening and laser marking. Spirit can split packaging and tape and reel your product so it is ready to load to your production line. All services are in-house allowing us to maintain care, custody and control of your product.

Our warranty options and quality management guarantee lot acceptance so your product arrives by your needed date. We resolve product quality concerns before they reach our customer. Spirit saves time and cost by performing work orders in-house, ensuring your product arrives on your dock ready for high performance with the test data to support it.

Warehousing Inventory to Preserve Product

Spirit warehouses your inventory on our shelf with full ESD, FOD, and preservation protections in place. Whether for months or only days, you can trust your inventory is protected and waiting to meet production demands.

Spirit is also experienced at running consignment programs in our customer’s warehouse. We stock inventory on your shelf and maintain inventory on our books until consumed for production.

Delivery You Can Plan On

The most critical benefit to supplier-managed inventory programs is the ability to run your production schedule without delay or concern for having all components on hand. 

Spirit’s SMI programming keeps your production line fully supplied to operate on your schedule. We provide just-in-time fulfillment to save you the cost and manpower of maintaining inventory on your shelf.

Our SMI experience spans 19 years serving Aerospace and Defense prime customers. Even with current events causing component shortages and allocation challenges, our expertise is in analytical planning and procurement to deliver to you on time.

Customize SMI to Build Your Program

Each SMI program we run is unique to our customer’s needs. Our workflows are agile enough to work with your portals and procurement system. Talk with our SMI account reps to build a custom solution that will work with your MRP.

Supplier Managed Inventory Workflow SMI