JFW Industries

Attenuation and RF Switching Products

JFW Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing attenuation and RF switching products since 1979. Their attenuation offerings include fixed attenuators, manual attenuators, step attenuators and rack mounted attenuator test systems. Their RF switching products include solid-state switches, electro-mechanical switches, RF matrix switches and RF switch assemblies. They also offer RF routing components such as power dividers, power combiners, directional couplers, bias taps and impedance matching pads. Their automated RF test systems are available with Ethernet, Serial or GPIB remote control and feature easy-to-use ASCII formatted remote commands.

Product Highlights

JFW Industries Attenuation and RF Switching Products

RF Components

  • Programmable Attenuators
  • Manually Variable Attenuators
  • Fixed Attenuators
  • Terminations and Mismatches
  • RF Switches
  • Power Dividers/Combiners
  • Test Accessories