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We make the Mission Possible.

Our line card is formulated to be synergistic. Spirit can provide many electronic components from multiple suppliers — passives, memory, timing control, connectors and more — so customers can place one order and track one shipment instead of many. We are an authorized franchised distributor of every line we carry.

We own the Qual™. Spirit Electronics does in-house testing to qualify our components. We own the lot until our customer receives it, taking full ownership of failures until itʼs in their hands. Our customers know that the parts theyʼre receiving are 100% problem-free. Guaranteed. Learn more.

We provide a smooth transition from prototype/qualification to production. Our unique business model can support orders from large to small, from design to high volume manufacturing. Plus, our value-added services provide testing, upscreening, kitting, assembly and more, whatever it takes to support our customers.

"We can take a product all the way from design, to foundry, to assembly and test, and deliver a space-qualified component to the customer for military or space applications."
Marti McCurdy

Product News

MilesTek TVAC Cable Assemblies Vacuum-Rated Space
MilesTek Vacuum-Rated Cable Assemblies for Space Applications @ Spirit Electronics
A satellite orbiting Earth every 90 seconds cycles from extreme heat to extreme cold temperatures over and
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TI Space EP @ Spirit rad-tolerant space grade for New Space applications
TI Space Enhanced Plastic Rad-Tolerant Products Offer Ready-to-Use Space-Grade Solution
A new space race is taking off, and Texas Instruments’ space-grade rad-tolerant Space Enhanced Plastics (Space EP)
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Four Pillars of Protection You Need Against EMP/HEMP Damage
The Four Pillars of Protection You Need Against EMP/HEMP Damage in Ep. 24
We’re talking high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) on this week’s episode 24 of Spirit: Behind the Screen. HEMP
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