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Electric Vehicle Component Sourcing

for a Secure Supply Chain

Collaborative & Custom Solutions for EV Engineering & Design

Drive production success and efficiency by sourcing components and working with an agile and dedicated partner in the electronics supply chain.

Spirit Electronics offers

Fill your production pipeline with electric vehicle components from the best brands in semiconductors, power, processing, memory, and AI.

Accelerate schedules and get ahead of chip shortages.

Spirit is an experienced resource management supplier. Order months in advance with just-in-time delivery and have components ready-to-use on your production line.

Source parts and services on one PO and one supplier.

Safety and security are top of mind among electric vehicle companies.

Our certified quality management processes and powerful enterprise resource program capture your product specifications and order requirements.

Your product meets rigorous quality requirements for process and handling. ESD controls and inventory management protect your components from our manufacturers to your dock. Repeatable controlled processes protect your parts through ordering, inspection, test and assembly.

Add in-house testing as insurance for component performance.

Design support and custom solutions for your engineering innovations

Spirit has decades of experience testing and supporting application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), bare die components and wafer sourcing, testing and storage.

Own your electric vehicle applications and functionality with customized component solutions. We tailor your logistics and testing to meet the performance requirements unique to your application.

From prototyping to scalable logistics and assembly

Take your electric vehicle design from concept and prototyping to repeatable manufacturing and production. Spirit stocks your components to fill your manufacturing pipeline.

  1. Kick off supply chain programming with design support from Spirit and our manufacturers
  2. Customize your component and application requirements and plan your schedule
  3. Spirit manages your program sourcing and logistics through one purchase order
  4. Component inspection and screening performed on-site so your parts arrive ready for use
  5. Add contract manufacturing assembly for circuit cards ready for final application

Authorized Distribution for the Best Brands
in Semiconductors, Power, Processing, Memory and AI

  • Programmable logic hardware and AI processing for electrical vehicle management, motor drive control and battery management systems
Texas Instruments
  • HEV/EV battery management system (BMS), inverter & motor control, on-board & wireless charging, powertrain sensors, DC/DC converters
  • Automotive electronics can now take full advantage of the improved efficiency, speed, smaller size, and lower cost of eGaN field-effect transistors (FETs) and ICs. 

Texas Instruments
AMD Xilinx authorized distributor

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Your Collaborative and
Vertically Integrated Partner

Spirit offers authorized distribution, testing, and assembly all under one roof. By vertically integrating steps of the electric vehicle supply chain, we reduce your shipping times, reduce manufacturing costs, and guarantee your product’s chain of custody from the manufacturer to your dock.

Testing & Screening vertically integrated on-site.

Our facility supports component testing. Reduce shipping costs and handling risks by working with one supplier. We shorten testing schedules and deliver faster by bringing test services under one roof.

Circuit Card Assembly delivers your finished product even closer to completion.

  • In-house assembly line
  • Automated Optical Inspections (AOI)
  • Superior automated controls for paste application, pick & place, oven, wash
  • System-level testing to characterize the full circuit board assembly

Award-Winning Quality Management & Customer Service

Our customers value on-time delivery and lot acceptance quality. We consistently deliver essential support and logistics. We take pride in the success of our customer innovations and programs.

Responsive customer support and reporting data keeps you informed on shipping and order progress. A Spirit rep will always answer your call.

We’re there for you, every mile of your supply chain.