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MilesTek has offered complete connectivity solutions since 1981. We provide specialized products for the Military Avionics, Broadcast and DS3/Telecom industries, Military and Industrial Networking connectivity solutions.  Our customers have come to expect more than just products – they expect answers that will help them solve their installation or project questions. We offer quality products, in-stock for same-day shipping and quick turnaround on your custom requirements. Our highly trained sales staff has the expertise to provide the technical support you need today. 

Military Avionics and MIL-STD-1553B Solutions

MilesTek has delivered connectivity products and solutions to the avionics industry worldwide for over twenty-five years. Our product offering, used primarily in military R&D and production applications, consists of a complete line of bus couplers, custom harnesses and assemblies, connectors and connector termination systems and a broad range of related accessories.

Coaxial,  Military and Industrial Networking Solutions, Telemetry Solutions

MilesTek is a global provider for a vast range of connectivity products, patch cords and panels; connectors and adapters; coaxial, twinaxial, and Triaxial cable assemblies, as well as custom cable assemblies and complete harness assemblies for industrial and Military. These products service the industrial, Military and government markets.

DS3 Telecom Central Office Solutions

MilesTek is one of the leading suppliers for the DS3 Central Office connectivity products to the telecommunications industry. We provide a complete offering of Coaxial connectors, tools, bulk cable, cable assemblies, and rack accessories for the DS3 installer. Our 28 years of experience, expertise, and service are unmatched in the industry today.

May 13, 2020

MilesTek Expands Line of RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies Available with Same-Day Shipping

MilesTek has greatly expanded its off-the-shelf offering of RF coaxial cable assemblies in-stock and available for immediate shipment.

MilesTek’s newly extended line of coax cable assemblies includes flexible RG58, RG174, RG214, RG316, RG316-DS and RG400-style cable with a selection of connector choices and combinations including BNC, SMB, SMA, TNC and Type-N. Straight male, right-angle male, female and female bulkhead connectors are also available depending on the cable type. Other features include PVC low temp, FEP high temp jackets, heat shrink strain relief boots, single and double cable shielding, cable diameters ranging from .10 to .20 inches and max operating frequency up to 11 GHz.

Features Include:

RG58, RG174, RG214, RG316, RG316-DS and RG400 options
BNC, SMB, SMA, TNC and Type N connector combinations
PVC low temp and FEP high temp jackets
Heat-shrink strain relief boots
Single and double cable shielding
Cable diameters ranging from .10 to .20 inches
Max operating frequency up to 11 GHz

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