Testing at System Level

System-level testing evaluates all components operating in concert after assembly.

Components in isolation may test within datasheet ranges, but testing for every possible chip application and combination is impossible. So system-level test analyzes a chip, or multiple chips in a package, in the context of the end-use application to ensure performance. 

System-Level is the Test Approach of the Future

Component combinations are endless. As systems become more complex, knowing each part will run alone is not the same as testing performance at full speed, temperature and mission conditions.

Component test can validate to the data sheet, but system-level test is a necessity of complexity. Our engineers can design a system-level test that truly adds value to your system for the life of your mission.


Spirit: Behind the Screen podcast

Podcast: Zef Malik and Advancements in Testing

Insurance—how much do you want to guarantee the mission? In this podcast episode, Zef Malik and Marti McCurdy discuss advancements in testing technology.

Circuit Card Assembly @ Spirit Electronics
  • Fully automated board assembly
  • 3S Solder printer
  • 10-nozzle pick and place
  • 10-zone reflow oven
  • Closed-loop wash
  • Automated Optical Inspection

Failure Protection

Products testing outside of specifications or standards pose a failure risk. Improperly leaded finishes can result in whiskering over time.

If your product fails analysis, you can take immediate action to refinish leads, or in the case of failed connection mapping, disqualify an entire lot. Ask us about our testing warranty protection to prevent failures from impacting cost and production time.