Susumu, the largest thin-film resistor OEM in the world, has been the global leader for thin film components for 55 years, serving telecommunication & networking, computers & storage devices, power supply equipment, test & measuring equipment, medical equipment, as well as automotive and consumer electronics.

Susumu is headquartered in Japan and has sales offices in the United States, China, South Korea, Germany and Singapore.

Susumu Thin Film Resistors

Susumu’s RG Series thin film resistors are rated as the most reliable, accurate and precise thin film resistors in the industry. Susumu’s products are all RoHS compliant and the company is accredited for ISO9001, 14001 and TS16949.

Susumu’s KRL Series metal foil low resistance chip resistor is the most precise current sensing resistor on the market. It has smaller package sizes with more power than any of its competitors.

What Resistors Can Do

• Limiting current flow

• Attenuating voltage

• Terminating signals

• Dividing voltage

• Buffering circuit (dumping surge)

• Eliminating voltage spikes

• Sensing current

• Sensing temperature

• Creating heat

Susumu’s RG Series thin film resistors