EPC Space

Redefining Space Technology with GaN

Spirit Electronics now provides distribution support to assist customers in adopting Rad Hard eGaN® FETs and ICs for leading-edge power conversion systems in critical spaceborne systems.

EPC Space provides revolutionary high-reliability radiation hardened enhancement-mode gallium nitride power management solutions for space and other harsh environments.

Radiation hardened GaN-based power devices address critical space-borne environments for applications including power supplies, light detection and ranging (lidar), motor drive, and ion thrusters.

The unmatched reliability and performance of GaN power semiconductors is accelerating revolutionary advances in critical spaceborne systems.

DC-DC Converters

Power supplies used in extreme environments, such as space, high-altitude flight, or high-reliability military applications must be resistant to damage or malfunctions caused by ionizing radiation.

Rad Hard GaN enables power converters operating at higher frequencies, higher efficiencies, and greater power densities for Micro, LEO, GEO satellites, along with deep space and outer space explorations.


LIDAR is an abbreviation for Light Detection And Ranging. It is an incredibly accurate system that uses laser pulses and the time of flight calculation in order to capture large quantities of data. LIDAR systems provide the “eyes” for autonomous navigation and docking for rendezvous missions and robotics used in space. The shorter the laser beam pulse, the higher the resolution of the LIDAR images. GaN devices provide the speed, increased efficiency, and smaller dimensions needed for LIDAR.

Motor Drives

Ruggedized high-precision brushless DC motors are critical for robotics and automated instrumentation used in space applications such as the Mars rovers. Rad Hard GaN power devices can withstand harsh environments and provide the small size, light weight, and precision control that brushless DC (BLDC) motors require.

Ion Thrusters

An ion thruster is a form of electric drive used for in-mission spacecraft propulsion for orientation and positioning of satellites and interplanetary propulsion of low-mass robotic vehicles. Rad hard GaN enables smaller, lighter, more efficient power supplies for these applications and others.


Why GaN in Space?

Gallium nitride power device technology enables a new generation of power converters for operation in harsh radiation conditions of space. GaN devices operate at higher frequencies, higher efficiencies, and greater power densities than ever achievable before. These power devices can exhibit superior radiation tolerance compared with silicon MOSFETs depending upon specific device design.

Learn more in the “GaN in Space” ebook from EPC Space.