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Spirit Electronics is your Full Turnkey Solution


  • Cost & Schedule Reduction
  • Reduced Material Handling
  • Care Custody and Control
  • Robust QA Controls & Oversight
  • Reduced Paperwork & Processing
  • Expertise and Tribal Knowledge

• One PO, One Supplier

Value-Added Services

Enabling Capabilities

Spirit Electronics provides value-added services, including SMI, Testing, Design, PCB Assembly and rework, and End-of-Life Management for legacy parts.

Working with Spirit opens the door to new opportunities for our vendors and customers. Many of the companies we serve have deeply integrated Spirit into their planning, processes and procedures.

They count on us to plan, procure and warehouse inventory, and deliver components that are prepped and ready for assembly the moment they arrive on site. 

High Reliability Test Flow

  • MIL STD Testing
  • PEM and Qualification Services
  • Screening
  • End-of-Life Management

Wafer Testing

  • Wafer Sort
  • Electrical Test

Reliability Testing

  • Mechanical Tests
  • Reliability Tests
  • Electrical Testing
  • Hi Speed Testing

Contract Manufacturing

  • PCB assembly, test and repair

Design Services

  • Analog ASIC

Logistics Services

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BGA solder ball removal

Robotic Re-ball and Solder Exchange

Our high-efficiency proprietary process removes non-leaded solder balls from a ball-grid array (BGA) and replaces them with leaded solder balls.

aerospace and defense electronic components

Grounded by allocation?

We offer long-term continuity of supply for critical semiconductor components.

We support legacy programs and products.

Comprehensive Value-Add

Custom Assembly

Qualification & Reliability

Device Analysis

Test Development

Volume Production