DDR4 Memory for
Aerospace & Defense

Our parts carry OEM warranties and are guaranteed non-counterfeit, ship-to-stock grade.

DDR4 Advantages

The demand in the Aerospace and Defense industry  to move toward the newer platform of DDR4 DRAM has put the DDR4 family in the crosshairs for design applications from Spirit Electronics. The memory has distinct advantages in speed, power, form factor, interface and bandwidth. The advantages of DDR4 in reduced memory power demand and low voltage standards is accentuated by the migration to a higher speed I/O on the DDR4. Compared to the DDR3, the DDR4 has better enablement for larger-capacity memory subsystems with densities from 2Gb-16Gb, almost doubled that of the DDR3.  Coupling that with doubling of the internal banks from 8 to 16 and Bank groups (BG) from 0 to 4, gives the DDR4 the advantage for faster burst accesses. 

Tested, Qualified and Off-the-shelf

With Spirit’s ability to perform OEM level electrical testing, screening and qualification of the DDR4 devices, our devices are perfectly suited for the Aerospace and Defense markets. Our customer base has an excellent opportunity to migrate to DDR4 for use with the latest technological FPGAs where speed and fast data rates matter. These devices are qualified for extended temperature range and designated as enhanced screened, pedigreed with traceability, lot controls, lot specific data, and intended to accelerate our customer deployment to market with no qualification, PEM Quals and/or qualification efforts.  

We accelerate your time to market, resulting in cost savings and competitive advantages, with the added benefit of utilizing the highest quality components.

Screening Flow

The DDR4 memory is fully tested at maximum speed, full timing, full data rates, all DC parameters, dynamic power, standby power, full refresh timing, and each memory cell is tested at the use temperature condition.

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microchip mounting on circuit board

We Own the Qual™

Some distributors outsource testing to an unauthorized third-party subcontractor, voiding the factory warranty and risking supply chain security. Spirit Electronics does not. We manage the supply chain tightly; all components are strictly controlled. We perform in-house testing to qualify components, taking full ownership of failures until the customer receives their lot, guaranteeing qualified, secure parts. 

Learn about the Spirit Electronics Quality Control Process.