SEMICOA is a leader in the design and development of bipolar power devices for high-reliability military, defense, aerospace, and space applications.

Quality and high reliability are cornerstones upon which space, military, and aerospace applications are built. In many instances, there is absolutely no room for error. These critical industries require a partner that they can trust to deliver time after time.

For 50 years, SEMICOA has been Trusted Everywhere. Semicoa specializes in the manufacture of discrete silicon semiconductors focusing on small signal transistors for space, military, and aerospace industries globally. The design, development and wafer fabrication operations are located in Southern California.

The company achieved the highest U.S. government qualification (JANS, MIL-PRF-19500, Space Level) for the production of electronic components and it is AS9100:2009D certified. Semicoa is ITAR registered. Semicoa is also an active member of the JEDEC Community.

Its leading edge manufacturing facility performs discrete and hybrid assembly utilizing innovative techniques and processes. High volume production is performed on dedicated assembly lines to reduce cost and increase throughput.

Semicoa constantly expands product, equipment and production capabilities to meet the growing demand of its customers for high reliability and Rad Hard products.

Semicoa high reliability semiconductors

Electronic applications in defense, aerospace, and space markets require greater levels of performance and reliability than conventional semiconductors can support.

Semicoa offers high-reliability semiconductors and services that conform to the exacting quality levels of MIL-PRF-19500. Semicoa has the most stringent Radiation Hardness Assurance Program (RHA) in the semiconductor market and has set the benchmark for qualifying RHA devices. We offer the largest selection of small signal, RF small signal and power transistors for demanding military, space and high reliability industrial applications. All devices are hermetically sealed in metal cans or ceramic packages. All products are also available in die form for hybrid circuit applications.

Devices as specified by Source Controlled Documents (SCD) are manufactured, screened and tested to customer requirements as specified in the SCD. The SCD product may be direct derivatives of existing MIL-PRF-19500 devices on which SEMICOA already holds qualification, or they may be custom designed devices. They may be a blend of our total device and package capabilities including die and packages that are not part of our standard Qualified Parts List (QPL) offering.

Semicoa has developed a Rad Hard By Design Bipolar Transistor Technology that can be applied to either NPN or PNP devices to improve the total dose hardness of the device to a minimum of 300 Krad with excellent wafer-to-wafer and lot-to-lot uniformity.

Semicoa has introduced all of its Rad Hard Bipolar Transistors at JANTXV quality level plus the guarantee of radiation hardness. Due to the enhanced methodology used by Semicoa to qualify RHA products, all RHA devices qualified for JANS are also qualified for JANTXV in accordance with MIL-PRF-19500. Currently Semicoa has 16 unique devices listed on the QPL at this quality level plus radiation hardness and plans to add the remaining 26 devices to the QPL by the end of the year.

Semicoa is now offering Surface Mount, Low Dose Rate (LDR) Total Dose qualified Bipolar Transistors tested at 10 mrad/s and characterized for the effects of displacement damage.


Product Highlights

  • Transistors
  • Diodes

All Semicoa products are designed to meet radiation hardness requirements. Their line of Rad Hard devices are specifically designed to tolerate higher levels of radiation and are guaranteed at a high level of statistical performance (0.99/90%, KTL Statistics for each parameter and parameter delta), above and beyond what the industry requires for RHA qualification.

Semicoa has the in-house capability to perform most environmental and life tests required by MIL-PRF-19500 for JAN through JANS level transistors, including additional tests specific to customer requirements. All areas are ESD compliant.

Product News

Semicoa has announced a new family of all-ceramic packaged diodes specifically designed to withstand the rigors of space applications. The new UMC1 surface mount package meets or exceeds any diode in its class. The planar construction eliminates the device from rolling on the board during board mount. This allows our customers reduced handling by fully using automated printed circuit board assembly systems as the UMC1 is very pick and place friendly. Our device can be ordered in waffle pack or pocket tape.

The ceramic header combined with a ceramic lid ensures hermeticity to the fine leak level, bombing in 85Kr, to x10-8 as well as passing RGA as specified in MIL-PRF-19500. The ceramic package ensures near zero CTE mismatch, excellent thermal performance and dielectric withstanding. 

This first release product family consists of “Ultrafast” diodes whose applications are predominantly centered around space power bus systems and power supplies operating in the -65°C to 175°C temperature range.