Analog Power
  • Multi-node device families offering the highest performance/watt
  • Platforms optimized for low cost, low power and BOM cost reductions
  • Optimized mix of hard IP and programmability for superior systems integration
  • Most efficient processor + FPGA for analytics and control
  • Largest and highest performance memory system
  • Highest levels of security and reliability

Analog Power provides a range of application-specific solutions for power management. Their wide selection of products includes N-Channel and P-Channel MOSFETs, with on-resistance as low as 1.5 mΩ, in packages such as DFN3x3-8, SO-8, lead-less SO-8 (exposed pad), Dpak and TO-220.

Analog Power is one of very few vendors that provides all three – MOSFETs, PWM, active clamp and synchronous rectifiers – for circuits that use 150V or 200V PWM MOSFETs.

Product Highlights

Analog Power is a leader in MOSFETs for PoE with a proven cost effective range of MOSFETs optimized for each power level of PoE, and each application within PoE

  • Package options include: SOT-23, DFN2x2, TSOP-6, DFN3x3, SO-8, DFN5x6, TO-252
  • Voltage ratings from ±30V to ± 200V, including -200V P-Channels
  • Meet or beat efficiency of higher priced part numbers due to better optimization of RDS for application
Analog Power Standard PoE Products:
  • 150V, 200V N Channel MOSFET for PWM
  • 150V, 200V N and P Channel for Active Clamp
  • 30V, 60V, 80V, 100V N Channel MOSFET for Synchronous Rectification