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Texas Instruments

Foundry Services

Foundry Services at Texas Instruments Wafer Fabs

Spirit Electronics now offers foundry services in collaboration with Texas Instruments (TI).

  • As a TI authorized small-business reseller, we offer and manage foundry services for our customers, providing access to wafer processing in TI’s 300-mm wafer fabs.
  • Our foundry services make TI’s advanced manufacturing and quality fab facilities available to our customers through our ASIC programs.

Selecting the right fabrication technology and foundry partner is crucial for achieving the ASIC’s desired performance, power efficiency, and cost targets.  Spirit’s collaboration with TI provides customers a straightforward path to ASIC production utilizing TI’s analog and mixed-signal technology nodes that remain a cornerstone of aerospace and defense electronics.

Spirit will work with customer programs to design an IC, manufacture the wafer at the TI foundry, then deliver the wafer to Spirit Electronics to perform advanced wafer testing, packaging and qualification. Spirit’s end- to-end service options include circuit card assembly to place the final ASIC product on a printed circuit board for application-ready delivery.

With Spirit’s end-to-end turnkey services, we can now offer complete control of design and production under our umbrella.

Seamless Supply Chain

From application review through design and layout, to prototype fabrication and test program development, Spirit manages your ASIC program at every step — across programs, across divisions. 

We offer expert engineering collaboration, critical circuit design for application and reliable supplier support.

More than just engineering, we’re also production and a whole-service supply chain for ASICs, with innovation, speed and new technologies.

FPGA to ASIC Conversions

Converting your FPGA to a custom ASIC allows you to own your supply chain. We can replicate an obsolete microprocessor and eliminate EOL and obsolescence issues.


  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Security

Device Types:

  • Sensors
  • RF Devices
  • Motion Control Devices
  • Instrumentation / Avionics
  • RFID
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Measurement & Control

Vertical Integration

Spirit offers end-to-end ASIC services.

  • Design
  • Foundry
  • Wafer probe & binning
  • Wafer processing
  • Package design
  • Assembly
  • Electrical & radiation testing
  • Screening & qualification
  • Device analysis – DPA & FA
  • Delivery of space-grade product

Made in the U.S.A

All design, production, test, assembly and logistics are performed completely by our U.S teams. We can handle ITAR requirements and regulations.

Digital/ASIC Design

Analog Circuit Design

RF Design

IC Mask Design

Supply Chain Management

Mixed Signal Verification


Design Consulting Services

Spirit Program Benefits

  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost control
  • Schedule control
  • Leverage buying
  • No EOL or obsolescence
  • Competitive advantages
  • American made