Lockheed Martin Outstanding Small Business 2022

Lockheed Martin Space Outstanding Small Business for 2022

Spirit Electronics is proud to announce its selection as an Outstanding Small Business for Lockheed Martin’s Space division for 2022. One of only five suppliers in the country to receive the award, Spirit achieved 100% on-time-delivery and 99.45% quality scores. Spirit provides Lockheed Martin Space
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Why Laser Marking Microelectronics, Semiconductors & PCBs Is Essential in Supply Chain Programs

Whether your component is going into stock or onto a board, laser marking provides physical traceability. Spirit's Epilog laser marker offers depth-controlled high-resolution product marking.
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Semiconductor Temp Cycling at Spirit Electronics

Spirit Electronics Adds MIL-STD-883 Test Services with DLA Commercial Lab Suitability

“At the end of the day, these tests are your mission insurance, and DLA lab suitability ensures we’re meeting the high-reliability requirements of the military standards.” – Marti McCurdy
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Small Businesses Support Big Programs: 5 Reasons to Go Small in Aerospace & Defense

Spirit Electronics sent a letter to the White House last week in support of an increased budget for the F-35 Lightning II program. The letter was co-signed by ten small businesses across the United States who are part of the F-35 supply chain. Lockheed Martin’s
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Spirit Veterans Team Spirit

Spirit’s Veterans Continue to Support the Military Mission: Veteran Owned, Veteran Driven

Phoenix Business Journal this week named Spirit Electronics as the #10 largest Veteran-Owned business in the City of Phoenix. Our CEO Marti McCurdy, a US Air Force veteran, leads the company, but a heavy veteran team presence also helps drive Spirit’s mission and business growth.
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MilesTek TVAC Cable Assemblies Vacuum-Rated Space

MilesTek Vacuum-Rated Cable Assemblies for Space Applications @ Spirit Electronics

A satellite orbiting Earth every 90 seconds cycles from extreme heat to extreme cold temperatures over and over. Whether you’re building a satellite for low-Earth orbit or an assembly for deeper space missions, temperatures, radiation, and the environmental vacuum of space pose unique challenges to
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TI Space EP @ Spirit rad-tolerant space grade for New Space applications

TI Space Enhanced Plastic Rad-Tolerant Products Offer Ready-to-Use Space-Grade Solution

A new space race is taking off, and Texas Instruments’ space-grade rad-tolerant Space Enhanced Plastics (Space EP) line is positioned to meet New Space mission needs. With private and commercial companies launching space programs and satellite constellations that build on decades of NASA experience, design,
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Laura Bowling Retires after 29 years with Spirit

Laura Bowling Retires, Celebrating 29 Years Working at Spirit Electronics

Every employer dreams of retaining star employees for their whole career, but we really think it was Laura who decided to keep us. Over time, Spirit has changed, shifted gears, and started to grow exponentially. Being our constant, and the keeper of our history, loyalty,
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Four Pillars of Protection You Need Against EMP/HEMP Damage

The Four Pillars of Protection You Need Against EMP/HEMP Damage in Ep. 24

We’re talking high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) on this week’s episode 24 of Spirit: Behind the Screen. HEMP is a particularly devastating type of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by a nuclear detonation above the Earth’s atmosphere. Dan Rebeck, HEMP/EMP product expert with Infinite Electronics, explains this
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Ep. 23: Which Electrical Tests Do I Need for My Component?

Spirit’s Sean Macdonald is chatting with Marti this week on our Spirit: Behind the Screen podcast about how to determine the electrical testing and ranges you need to run a successful component test program. Tailor Electrical Tests to Application Requirements Product applications in aerospace and
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