Spirit Electronics Offers Foundry Services for U.S.-based Manufacturing Amid Foundry Consolidation

Spirit Electronics now offers foundry services supporting U.S.-based manufacturing for analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. Spirit’s foundry access includes 45- to 130-nm technology nodes in 300 mm wafer fabs. With corporate consolidation and long-lead-time pressures demanding greater capacity from existing fabs, Spirit’s foundry services open
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Spirit Electronics to Provide Device Analysis with Acquisition of Insight Analytical Labs

Spirit Electronics has acquired Insight Analytical Labs to add device analysis services, including destructive physical analysis (DPA), to its existing full-turnkey semiconductor supply chain services. Insight Analytical Labs is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the team, operations and assets will become part of Spirit
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FTIR Services in the Electronics Failure Analysis Lab

Spirit Electronics offers Fourier Transform InfraRed spectroscopy, or FTIR services when performing root cause analysis on the failure of an electronic component. What is Fourier Transform Infrared? Fourier Transform Infrared analysis, also commonly referred to as FTIR Spectroscopy,  is a complex piece of scientific equipment
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Spirit Wins BAE Partner 2 Win Supplier Award 2023

Spirit Electronics Wins Silver Award at BAE Systems Partner 2 Win Supplier Symposium

CEO Marti McCurdy, Dir. of Program Management Ivan Santana and Dir. of Technical Sales Sean MacDonald accept the BAE Partner 2 Win award in Austin, Texas.   Spirit Electronics achieved a Silver Supplier award at the 2023 BAE Systems Partner 2 Win Supplier Symposium in Austin,
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AMD Xilinx Versal ACAP @ Spirit Electronics

Advancing Aerospace & Defense Applications with the AMD Xilinx Versal ACAP

AMD Xilinx rolled out the first Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP) device in 2021. The high-reliability XQR and XQ Versal devices released in 2022 are qualified and ruggedized for military and aerospace applications, onboard computing and data processing is accelerating just when commercial space, low-Earth
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Northrop Grumman 2023 Supplier Award

Spirit Electronics Honored by Northrop Grumman for Strategic Excellence

Spirit Account Representative Jason Brandsma and Corporate Sales Manager Dan Jasinek   Spirit Electronics was recently recognized as a top Northrop Grumman Corporation supplier for 2022 with their Strategic Excellence Award. Spirit earned the honor for providing electronic components and value-added services that support unique
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Intelligent Memory high-mix, low-volume DDR, DRAM and NAND flash now at Spirit Electronics

Intelligent Memory Added to Spirit Line Card

Spirit Electronics announces authorized distribution for Intelligent Memory high-mix low-volume DDR, DRAM and NAND flash memory components. IM memory is especially important to aerospace and defense customers as a form, fit and function drop-in replacement for obsoleted or end-of-life products of other memory manufacturers.   With
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Lockheed Martin Outstanding Small Business 2022

Lockheed Martin Space Outstanding Small Business for 2022

Spirit Electronics is proud to announce its selection as an Outstanding Small Business for Lockheed Martin’s Space division for 2022. One of only five suppliers in the country to receive the award, Spirit achieved 100% on-time-delivery and 99.45% quality scores. Spirit provides Lockheed Martin Space
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Semiconductor Failure Analysis Techniques

Semiconductor Failure Analysis – Enhancing Reliability Semiconductor failure analysis occupies a prominent position among high-tech fabricators. Even the most sophisticated ICs fail, and when they do, it’s critical that engineers and fabricators discover the root causes of the failure, so as to avoid the same
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Component & PCB Laser Marking

Laser Marking Microelectronics, Semiconductors & PCBs  for Supply Chain Security

Why is laser marking an essential value-add service in A&D? When you plan a test or assembly program with your service provider, how will you identify and track your components from the manufacturer to the final circuit board assembly? Aerospace has strict requirements for detailed
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