4 Pillars of HEMP EMP Protection Transtector PolyPhaser Podcast Part 1 Post

The Four Pillars of Protection You Need Against EMP/HEMP Damage in Ep. 24

We’re talking high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) on this week’s episode 24 of Spirit: Behind the Screen. HEMP is a particularly devastating type of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by a nuclear detonation above the Earth’s atmosphere. Dan Rebeck, HEMP/EMP product expert with Infinite Electronics, explains this
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Electrical Test Behind the Screen Podcast

Ep. 23: Which Electrical Tests Do I Need for My Component?

Spirit’s Sean Macdonald is chatting with Marti this week on our Spirit: Behind the Screen podcast about how to determine the electrical testing and ranges you need to run a successful component test program. Tailor Electrical Tests to Application Requirements Product applications in aerospace and
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Supplier-Managed Inventory SMI Allocation Shortages Lead Times

Supplier-Managed Inventory (SMI) Offers Protection Against Shortages, Long Lead Times

Aerospace and Defense companies are already starting to see lead times 52 weeks and beyond. While the microchip shortage is front and center in the news, many related components are starting to extend as well. Supplier-Managed Inventory can be a tried-and-true strategy for avoiding allocation
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PolyPhaser RF Surge Protection HEMP EMP

PolyPhaser RF Surge Protection Added to Spirit Line Card

Spirit Electronics is now an authorized reseller for PolyPhaser, an Infinite Electronics brand offering radio frequency surge protection. PolyPhaser products include surge protectors, interconnect cable protection, grounding adapters and hardware, fiber optic protection, and data surge protection for industrial, commercial and military applications. Similar to
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XRF Analysis Nick Pb scan

XRF Analysis Adds to Spirit’s Test Services

Spirit has expanded our testing and screening services to include X-ray fluorescence (XRF) testing and analysis. Spirit’s new Hitachi EA6000VX bench analyzer can inspect the material composition of your product. XRF inspection is essential in military and aerospace supply chains to verify that leads and
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Transtector at Spirit Electronics AC DC Data EMP and HEMP Surge Protection

Transtector HEMP/EMP Surge Protection Now Available at Spirit

Spirit Electronics is now an authorized reseller of Transtector’s HEMP/EMP surge protection products. Transtector’s surge protection offers risk mitigation and preparation for emergency event management and can prevent critical equipment and infrastructure failures. Transtector’s products offer a wide range of surge protection to prevent damage
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Board Assembly Contract Manufacturing Featured News Pick and Place

Spirit Announces In-House Board Assembly Services

Like chips falling into place on a printed circuit board, Spirit’s new contract manufacturing services have arrived in our growing list of full turnkey solutions. We now offer in-house board assembly. Customers can order a bill of materials through Spirit’s authorized OEMs. We inspect and
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EPC new GaN FET EPC2065 EPC2054 post

EPC Introduces New eGaN FETs Reducing Size and Boosting Efficiency

EPC announced two new offerings in their eGaN FET product line with the EPC2065 and EPC2054. Both offer reductions in size and ultra-high efficiency. The EPC2065 is ideal for small robotic applications, such as drones, in BLDC motor drives. With 80 V, 3.6 mΩ, 221
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TI SAR ADCs available at Spirit Electronics

TI’s New ADC3660 Family Offers Speed, Efficiency and Control in Data Gathering

TI introduced its new ADC3660 family of successive-approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). The eight new ADCs offer higher speeds and reduced power usage, leading the industry in speed with the fastest 18-bit ADC. These new ADCs range from 10 to 125 MSPS. Sampling speeds
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Roadmap to Zero Defects

Roadmap to Zero Defects

ELES uses Reliability Embedded Test Engineering (RETE) to help manufacturers improve their semiconductor design and component reliability. In the latest episode of our Spirit: Behind the Screen podcast, Marco Paolucci and Marti McCurdy discuss how the ELES approach is a safety net to prevent dangerous product failures.  ELES is an Italian manufacturer
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