Component Electrical Testing

Electrical test data validates your product for the life of the mission.

  • DC testing
  • AC testing
  • On/off & pass/fail electrical testing
  • High-Speed test
  • RF testing
  • Passive & Discrete testing
  • EPROM Programming
  • Three Temp Testing at speed

Electrically exercise your product to validate datasheet performance ranges.

Electrical Testing in Program Flows

Electrical testing is performed to verify performance after exposure to harsh conditions in testing programs. This could include environmental, temperature or radiation testing.

Pre- and post- electrical testing should be performed as part of any test program process.

Spirit: Behind the Screen podcast

How Spirit Vertically Integrates Component Testing Under One Stop in the Supply Chain

In this podcast episode, Marti McCurdy talks about Spirit's value-added test services, including system-level testing, electrical and environmental testing, and radiation testing.

Components for Electrical Test

  • FPGA
  • ASIC
  • RF Components
  • Hi Speed Transceivers
  • Analog
  • Digital
  • Mixed Signal
  • Microprocessors

Failure Protection

Products testing outside of specifications or standards pose a failure risk. Improperly leaded finishes can result in whiskering over time.

If your product fails analysis, you can take immediate action to refinish leads, or in the case of failed connection mapping, disqualify an entire lot. Ask us about our testing warranty protection to prevent failures from impacting cost and production time.