Sustainable Operations For a Global Supply Chain

Spirit Electronics believes in sustainable decisions that, no matter how small, add up to a lasting corporate culture of environmental responsibility.  Sustainability is part of our company, from our facility and employee amenities to our supply chain operations. From permaculture practices to energy saving light fixtures, Spirit invests our time and resources to ensure sustainability is promoted throughout our organization. This Overview is just the beginning of our journey in sustainability. Please join us in helping and healing our planet in big ways and small!


Energy Efficient Light Fixtures 


Permaculture Practices


Promoting Sustainable Culture


Digital Data Transformation


Electric Vehicle Charging Station


Water Refill Stations

Ep. 47: Sustainability Ideas for Small Business in Aerospace & Defense

In celebration of Earth Day 2023, Spirit is highlighting all of the ways that we have been pursuing sustainable operations. Even as a small business, we believe that every little action adds up.