Intelligent Memory

Intelligent Memory Limited (IM) is a fabless memory manufacturer that uses trusted Tier One fabricators to serve the industrial and embedded markets. IM produces their own extensive offering of memory modules. Their comprehensive portfolio includes a wide variety of DRAM components, DRAM modules and NAND Flash.

Unlike some memory manufacturers that focus on volume commodity markets, Intelligent Memory tailors its product offering towards the needs of the “low-volume, high-mix” industrial and embedded market with their unique demands for reliable memory solutions in a variety of interfaces, form factors and capacities. Their extensive product offering boasts custom speed and temperature sorting, product longevity, as well as the highest level of durability, in even the most rugged environments.

IM has many solutions for legacy and obsoleted memory products, often allowing engineers to avoid a re-spin of the circuit board. Many of their products are backwards compatible with those of other memory manufacturers.

DRAM Components

DRAM Components from Intelligent Memory
DDR4 Component Features:
  • Faster data transfer rates and low voltage operation
  • Full configurations offered (8Gb and 4Gb with x8 and x16)
  • Highest speed up to 3200Mbps
  • Working temps in the range of -40°C to +95°C
DDR3 Component Features:

To cope with the challenge of achieving double memory density without the necessity of two separate sets of control wires, IM has developed a unique way to manufacture 8 Gigabit DDR3 single chip select components with existing DRAM process technologies. From the applications’ point of view, they will see these components work like a monolithic device.

DRAM Modules

DDR4 Module_IM_UDIMMs_SO-DIMM_09_2022
DRAM Modules from Intelligent Memory on Spirit Electronics line card

IM modules are available in RDIMM, LRDIMM, and Very Low Profile (VLP) form factors.

Teamed with their revolutionary ECC DRAM components, IM can produce an incredible array of module form factors with built in error correction (ECC) features. The results are DRAM memory modules for all applications with nearly infinite reliability.

DDR4 Module Features:
  • Different Form Factors: Non-ECC UDIMM, ECC UDIMM, Non-ECC SODIMM, ECC SODIMM, RDIMM, Mini-RDIMM and ECC Mini-UDIMM
  • Higher bandwidth performance (up to PC4-25600)
  • Capacity: 2GB to 64GB
  • PCB Height: Standard, Very Low Profile, Ultra Low Profile
  • JEDEC Standard 1.2V
  • Operating Temperature: Commerical and industrial grade
  • Environmental Compliance, longevity and assembly service available
  • Fully tested in applications environment for stability and performance
DDR3 Memory Highlights:

IM is the market leader in high density, industrial DDR3 memory.

Based on their 8Gb DDR3 Memory IC, IM has produced the world’s first 16 Gigabyte DDR3 Unbuffered DIMMs (UDIMM) and SO-DIMMs.

NAND Flash Products

IM has been offering its own wide range of specialty, industrial grade NAND Flash products since 2014. They include different form factors, NAND Flash types, interfaces and capacities from legacy products, such as CompactFlash cards, to the latest PCIe technology.

The Flash product ranges are…

  • available as removable media, embedded form factors and BGA components​
  • equipped with high quality hardware and industrial grade firmware ​
  • developed and tested for demanding operating environments​
  • offered in different grades and customized for specific applications to optimize performance, lifetime and reliability​.

IM’s NAND line-up includes 3 family categories: Emerald, Ruby and Silver, which are classified by their endurance​. Some families offer sub-categories, such as the longevity option which offers extended long-term availability​.  All products come with IM’s full range of technical support and tools​.