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Ep. 52: DPA & Construction Analysis: Spirit Electronics Acquires Insight Analytical Labs

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In this podcast, Spirit Electronics CEO Marti McCurdy talks with aerospace and defense experts about high-reliability components and industry-rocking topics affecting the supply chain.

CEO Marti McCurdy and VP Zef Malik share the news that Spirit Electronics has acquired Insight Analytical Labs in Colorado Springs, adding the IAL team and services under the Spirit full-turnkey umbrella.

The move adds Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) and broader construction and device analysis capabilities, crucial services in the military-aerospace industry. Not only does the team perform DPA to MIL standards, but they bring 30+ years of process and experience to Spirit Electronics.

Marti & Zef discuss the roadmap and positioning of DPA and device analysis, as well as how Spirit’s testing services will address supply chain bottlenecks in the industry.