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Ep. 54: Smarter Supply Chain: BOM Management & Automation with Purchasing Director Kelly Krall

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In this podcast, Spirit Electronics CEO Marti McCurdy talks with aerospace and defense experts about high-reliability components and industry-rocking topics affecting the supply chain.

In this episode, Spirit’s Director of Purchasing Kelly Krall talks with Marti about supplier management and automation.

With lead times and prices constantly shifting in the post-covid supply chain, Kelly has found that the key to meeting customer requirements is communication and insight around delays and changes. Her purchasing team coordinates information between customers and the supply chain while looking for solutions like BOM management and drop-in replacements.

Kelly shares how Spirit’s new AI automated reporting A.L.I.C.E. provides real-time data to customers with order status, expected delivery dates and more.

Have you met A.L.I.C.E. yet?