PCB Reverse Engineering Services

Are you searching for PCB reverse engineering services? Are you looking to gather evidence to prove that one of your competitors has been infringing upon your intellectual property?

Interested in recreating obsolete, hard-to-find integrated circuits?

Perhaps you’re performing some PCB competitive analysis, and want to get some insight into a competing product. The microelectronics reverse engineering services offered at Spirit are a perfect fit for these applications, among many others.

About Our PCB Reverse Engineering Services

Spirit’s multi-layer PCB reverse engineering services and electronics teardown services are as unique and varied as the customers who request them. PCB reverse engineering requires the use of the deprocessing, cross-sectioning, and electron microscopy expertise that Spirit has acquired over years of experience and experimentation.

Whether you’re looking for a simple cross-section and SEM inspection to determine some process parameters or a complete, layer-by-layer deprocessed sample set with high resolution optical and electron microscope images that can be used to completely reverse engineer a printed circuit board, Spirit can provide the data you need.

For the most in-depth PCB reverse engineering services and tasks, Spirit can provide SEM mosaic images of large functional blocks at extremely high magnifications, which can be stacked into a multi-layer image with extremely precise alignment allowing a signal to be traced over multiple layers of the device.

Our team of reverse engineering experts can review your requirements and assemble custom tests to provide exactly the data that you need in the most efficient way possible. Working from patent documents, lawyer-specified protocols, or hand-in-hand with an SME or circuit extractor, we can provide the critical data needed for your printed circuit board reverse engineering application.

State-of-the-art Reverse Engineering for PCBs and more

While the majority of our reverse engineering experience is with PCBs, Spirit Electronics has performed successful teardowns on a wide range of products, from complicated MEMS gyroscopes and microphones to ICs, LEDs, cameras, touchscreens, and many others.

No matter what your requirements might be, Spirit is willing to provide a custom-tailored electronics reverse engineering solution.

Example Applications

  • Circuit extraction and reverse engineering of obsolete parts
  • Identifying patent infringement
  • Building a “known parts” database for counterfeit screening
  • Gathering competitive intelligence in preparation for new product launches