EPC Introduces New eGaN FETs Reducing Size and Boosting Efficiency

EPC new GaN FET EPC2065 EPC2054 post

EPC announced two new offerings in their eGaN FET product line with the EPC2065 and EPC2054. Both offer reductions in size and ultra-high efficiency.

The EPC2065 is ideal for small robotic applications, such as drones, in BLDC motor drives. With 80 V, 3.6 mΩ, 221 Apulsed, the EPC2065 provides less noise and less EMI.

The even smaller EPC2054 can be used in wireless power transfer and automation, as well as lidar and solar. It comes in a 1.69 mm2 package with 200 V, 3.6 mΩ, and 32 Apulsed.

Both devices perform at high frequency and can be used in DC-DC converters and synchronous rectification.

In their 2021 Phase 12 Reliability Report, EPC affirmed GaN’s high reliability. The new GaN FETs join the family of devices paving the way for increasingly efficient, reliable, and powerful tech development.

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How will EPC keep improving on their GaN technology? Listen to Marti McCurdy and EPC's Alex Lidow discuss the benefits of testing to failure in this episode of Spirit's podcast Behind the Screen.

Spirit Electronics and EPC to Provide Data Packs for eGaN® Power Devices

Data Packs for eGaN Power Devices

Efficient Power Conversion (EPC,) in partnership with Spirit Electronics, will provide manufacturing lot-specific data services for their industry-leading gallium nitride-based power devices.

Spirit Electronics announces a partnership with EPC to provide an expanded range of manufacturing lot-specific data services for their industry-leading enhancement-mode gallium nitride (GaN) devices.

“Our partnership with Spirit Electronics provides the opportunity for EPC to complement Spirit’s extensive history and proven successful track record in working with defense and aerospace customers,” commented Alex Lidow, CEO and co-founder of EPC. “Offering lot-specific data services related to our eGaN power semiconductor products will enable us to bring additional value to these demanding applications.”

Marti McCurdy, CEO of Spirit Electronics, noted that, “Our partnership with EPC has been an exciting addition to our portfolio of products and this new offering of lot-specific data services will further help us bring the superior performance of eGaN power transistors and ICs to defense and aerospace customers, so they can design leading-edge power system solutions.”

EPC is offering a variety of data pack services for their eGaN FETs and ICs. More information can be found at: epc-co.com/epc/Products/DataPacks.aspx

About EPC

EPC is the leader in enhancement mode gallium nitride-based power management devices. EPC was the first to introduce enhancement-mode gallium-nitride-on-silicon (eGaN) FETs as power MOSFET replacements in applications such as DC-DC converters, wireless power transfer, envelope tracking, RF transmission, power inverters, remote sensing technology (Lidar), and Class-D audio amplifiers with device performance many times greater than the best silicon power MOSFETs. EPC also has a growing portfolio of eGaN-based integrated circuits that provide even greater space, energy, and cost efficiency.

Visit the EPC web site: www.epc-co.com

eGaN is a registered trademark of Efficient Power Conversion Corporation, Inc.

Gallium Nitride-based Transistors

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Due to their increased frequency capability and ultra-low RDS(ON), eGaN FETs and integrated circuits increase the performance of applications using standard silicon MOSFETs and enable applications that were not achievable with silicon technology. GaN devices save space, improve efficiency, increase manufacturing efficiencies, and lower system costs.