EPC Introduces New eGaN FETs Reducing Size and Boosting Efficiency

EPC new GaN FET EPC2065 EPC2054 post

EPC announced two new offerings in their eGaN FET product line with the EPC2065 and EPC2054. Both offer reductions in size and ultra-high efficiency.

The EPC2065 is ideal for small robotic applications, such as drones, in BLDC motor drives. With 80 V, 3.6 mΩ, 221 Apulsed, the EPC2065 provides less noise and less EMI.

The even smaller EPC2054 can be used in wireless power transfer and automation, as well as lidar and solar. It comes in a 1.69 mm2 package with 200 V, 3.6 mΩ, and 32 Apulsed.

Both devices perform at high frequency and can be used in DC-DC converters and synchronous rectification.

In their 2021 Phase 12 Reliability Report, EPC affirmed GaN’s high reliability. The new GaN FETs join the family of devices paving the way for increasingly efficient, reliable, and powerful tech development.

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