60-V MOSFET Delivers Greater Power Density


Vishay’s dual N-channel 60-V MOSFET delivers increased power density and efficiency for a range of applications, including battery management systems, plug-in and wireless chargers, DC/DC converters, and power supplies.

Vishay’s new Siliconix SiSF20DN common-drain dual N-channel 60-V MOSFET in a compact, thermally enhanced PowerPAK 1212-8SCD package is designed to increase power density and efficiency in battery management systems, plug-in and wireless chargers, DC/DC converters, and power supplies.

The package construction — two monolithically integrated TrenchFET Gen IV N-channel MOSFETs in a common drain configuration — also makes the MOSFET well-suited for bidirectional switching in 24-V systems and industrial applications, including factory automation, power tools, drones, motor drives, white goods, robotics, security/surveillance, and smoke alarms.

The SiSF20DN claims the industry’s lowest RSS(ON) in a 60-V common-drain device, down to 10 mΩ typical at 10 V, the lowest among 60-V devices in a 3 × 3-mm footprint, according to Vishay. This value represents a 42.5% improvement over the next best solution in this footprint size and is 89% lower than Vishay’s previous-generation devices, said Vishay. The result is reduced voltage drops across the power path and minimized power losses for increased efficiency.

In addition, for higher power density, the dual-MOSFET’s RS1-S2(ON) times area is 46.6% lower than the next best alternative MOSFET, even when including larger 6 × 5-mm solutions, said Vishay.

The SiSF20DN is 100% Rg- and UIS-tested, RoHS-compliant, and halogen-free. Samples and production quantities are available now, with lead times of 30 weeks for larger orders. Get a quote.

FRED Pt Ultrafast Rectifiers in MicroSMP Package

Vishay FRED rectifiers

Vishay Intertechnology introduces new 200 V Fred Pt® Ultrafast recovery rectifiers in the eSMP® series MicroSMP (DO-219AD) package, including the industry’s first such device to offer a current rating to 2 A. Measuring 2.5 mm by 1.3 mm with a low 0.65 mm profile, the 1 A VS-1EQH02HM3and 2 A VS-2EQH02HM3 provide space-saving alternatives to rectifiers in the SMA.

Space-Saving Rectifiers Improve Efficiency

Vishay Intertechnology has expanded its range of surface-mount TMBS Trench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers with 15 new 1A, 2A, and 3A devices in the eSMP series low profile SMF package. Affording space-saving alternatives to Schottky rectifiers in the SMA, these devices highlight reverse voltages from 45V to 150V, while their 3A rating is the industry’s highest for the SMF package.

Currently, Schottky rectifiers with current ratings to 3A are typically available in the SMA package. The devices released increase power density by offering this high forward current in the smaller SMF. Measuring 3.7mm x 1.8mm with a low 0.98mm profile, the package is 46% thinner than the SMA and uses 49% less board space.

The new rectifiers provide a maximum operating junction temperature up to +175C and an MSL moisture sensitivity level of 1, per J-STD-020, LF maximum peak of +260C. Ideal for automated placement, the devices are RoHS-compliant and halogen-free.