Non-Magnetic RF Connectors

SV Microwave non-magnetic connectors

SV Microwave’s non-magnetic RF connectors and cable assemblies provide high performance, reliable solutions for medical, aerospace, defense and quantum computing applications. Carefully selected non-magnetic materials, plating and manufacturing techniques have been chosen for this suite of products and are ideal for applications that require low magnetic susceptibility (10^-5 max) and no electric field distortion.

SV Microwave’s non-magnetic product offering includes threaded (SMA series) connectors for a robust and reliable connection as well as blind-mate (SMPM series) connectors for high density, high frequency applications where a push-on interconnect is preferred.

Features / Benefits: 
  • Fully non-magnetic material and plating
  • No field distortion
  • Low Susceptibility
  • Series: SMA and SMPM
  • DC to 65 GHz

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