Transtector HEMP/EMP Surge Protection Now Available at Spirit

Spirit Electronics is now an authorized reseller of Transtector’s HEMP/EMP surge protection products. Transtector’s surge protection offers risk mitigation and preparation for emergency event management and can prevent critical equipment and infrastructure failures.

Transtector’s products offer a wide range of surge protection to prevent damage during a HEMP/EMP event and support operational readiness. Products include AC and DC surge protection, RF surge protection, data line surge protection, and power distribution.

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic radiation. EMP can result from natural sources, like a solar flare, but can be especially damaging if man made, as in a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) from a high-altitude nuclear explosion.

EMP can disrupt and damage electronic equipment and networks, and a significant EMP or HEMP event could disrupt many of the infrastructure and communication systems that our society relies on daily. This would pose a critical threat to emergency and military operations.

Transtector’s offerings are in cooperation with Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and the FAA to address their unique EMP/HEMP threats and support military standards.

Spirit is excited to offer surge protective products to our aerospace and defense customers. Talk to us today about how to protect your space and military applications.