XRF Analysis Adds to Spirit’s Test Services

XRF Analysis Nick Pb scan

Spirit has expanded our testing and screening services to include X-ray fluorescence (XRF) testing and analysis.

Spirit’s new Hitachi EA6000VX bench analyzer can inspect the material composition of your product. XRF inspection is essential in military and aerospace supply chains to verify that leads and finishes contain the correct ratio of lead to prevent whiskering.

Results are delivered with the product to our customers in a detailed report showing composition values and detailed images. If your product fails analysis, Spirit can identify the issue and replace your failed lot before the product ever arrives at your dock.

Our XRF machine can also inspect coating thickness and visually map a product and inspect internal connections down to 0.025 microns. Both mapping and composition analysis are inspection tools that can save you time and effort, allowing you to receive your product fully qualified and ready to use in production.

“The cool thing about our Hitachi EA6000VX is that it’s very versatile in the workplace and for exploratory devices,” says Nick Freeman, Spirit’s XRF Test Engineer. “It will tell you how much lead, how much chrome, how much of each element is inside because you want a proper ratio. It tells you what percent it is off from the industry standard, and then it gives you back that information per pin or per solder dot.”

For a limited time with our service launch, customers can receive a sample XRF analysis with a regular electronic component order.