Radiation Tolerance for Space

Spirit Electronics is featured in an article about high-performance, radiation tolerant electronics for space in this month’s issue of Military & Aerospace Electronics magazine. Editor John Keller explores options for balancing costs, capability, size, weight and power consumption for new space designs:

“Among the approaches for producing space electronics components that blend affordability and capability is screening and testing to uncover those commercial grade-parts that can withstand space radiation on their own, as well as making some enhancements to electronics that testing identifies as already radiation tolerant.” 

Marti McCurdy, Spirit’s CEO, addresses test and value-add services that provide reliable yet affordable components.

“‘We are on the test side, and can upscreen or do any value-add for the customer,’ says Marti McCurdy, owner and CEO of Spirit Electronics in Phoenix. ‘We offer a high-value proposition, and only operate in the mil-aero sector.'”

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"In the test world, we are starting to move away from component-level and into the systems world... The commercial world has been in this area for a few years now, and the aerospace and defense market is just getting there now."